Thursday, July 17, 2008

Travel Journal - Bangkok June 2008( work in progress hehe)

where to stay
Amarin Inn (600bht per nite only!)

where to eat
Restoran Uthman Seafood

Kedai Mak Yah

where to shop
Chatucak Market - heaven i tell you!

where to lepak / what to do
at massage parlour/ spa.pedicure n manicure only 100bht each service!giler murah

visit Grand Palace

visit Floating Market

visit night market (pat pong, suan lum nite bazaar)

visit shopping malls

go to Siam Ocean World

go to Jim Thompson House (also got Jim Thompson factory outlet)

Travel Journal - Kuantan May 2008

where to stay
Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan

where to eat
Restoran Ana Ikan Bakar Petai,Tg Lumpur
Restoran Phuket, Tg Lumpur
Kedai Gelas Besar,Tg Lumpur (tom yam sedap, air sedap, nasi goreng pon sodap!)
Kemaman Kopitiam (mee kari sedap, nasi lemak sedap, roti bakar ok)
Johnny's @ East Coast Mall (golden mushroom fried rice sedap, desert honeydew sedap)
where to shop
where else?East Coast Mall lah!
where to lepak
teluk cempedak - also can buy souvenirs/floaties etc

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


yesterday was like ...went to klcc to have a meeting but then end up at ISETAN!!why??because there's someone ask me not to enter the meeting room as it was too late.duhhh...then joined b at bsn makan cucuq udang...nangis lak tu kat kedai tuh ...pastu perut lapar giler...tensen giler kat mamat bagusss...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

nobody is perfect, so I am a nobody

monday blues...ops its tuesday actually..boring nothin' to do at work..actually there's somethin to do...ISO..aspect/impact hazard /risk..bohsannn...feel very sleepy.wish i can go to sleep right now...wish i could stay longer @ kb...

talking about perfect...i'm not a perfect girl...not the type of girl that anyone could ever imagine.the sleepy girl.all of them are perfect (yeah right!!) coz they keep telling me that what i did was wrong ..bla..bla...yada...yada...i know that...mind you own business ..macam la depa tak buat anything wrong at all!!cam bagusss!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

we're fallin' apart....

had another fight seems that everyday is a fighting day...i mad at him he mad at me...he mad at nurin...:( sian nurin...nurin still having the cough and the flu..
and this mornin nurin wants to go to her play school with her dad's kapcai...nak naik moto babah...tanak naik kete mama...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

another boring day

it's time to say goodbye...but when is the right time to go?hmm...just wait and see...
tatau nak buat ape...inle yg aku buat...hahaha...

just came back from nz...what a beautiful place...went there with hubby and da, sister-in-law. went there to meet syaimaa another sister-in-law.she's studying ee eng at canterburry university. wish i had the chance to study obersea!!tapi petronas tanak anta..huk's okay...i'll go there someday...ingat nak p bulan 12..if dudin's enrich point had reach 60k then can go, if not...lenkali saja...this dec mezku's convo will be held...nak g sgt2 uk...

back to nz stories...i did not buy anything for me, except lots and lots of choc..(we visited cadbury factory) and magnets...that's all i can afford... :(..wish to buy canterburry rugby shirt...but the price is very very...

dudin did bungy jumping...rugi rase tak buat..hehe..padahal takut gak...
but i did the paraflights with cold up there...
bought hard rock t-shirt for abe k. the funny thing is hrc gave us the white plastic bag which has no logo of hrc or whatsoever. bolehke kedai mcm tu bole habis paper bag?kedai kecik lain2 pon ade.esoknye pegi lagi hrc and still get the white plastic bag mcm plastik sampah tuh...